Digital Detox for children with Nature sculptor

Nature Art and Sculptor are the best way to motivate children to walk out of the house without a digital nanny (digital devices) to play and collect some leaf, twigs, and sticks.

We are blessed to have greenery and national parks around us in Singapore to explore Mother Nature while having a wonderful time with family. I am sure whenever you were out with kids their hand filled with nature elements. It is the best to bring outdoor fun to indoor play.

Let’s make leaf sculpture using dry leaf and air-dry clay.

To make leaf sculptor we need.

  1. Dry soft leaf
  2. Air Dry Clay
  3. Toilet paper
  4. Newspaper
  5. White glue
  6. Poster/Acrylic color
  7. Paint Brushes

Prepare Leaf

  1. Select a leaf, which is soft enough to twist and turn without tearing edges.
  2. Wash it nicely with water to clear dust and moisture into it.To add some weight to a leaf make it sit stable on the air-dry clay base. We will use toilet paper for the first layer as it will shape well on the uneven surface of the leafs which as thick and think veins
  3. Shred some toilet paper pieces and use good quality white glue to paste at the back of the leaf. Stick the paper is nicely on the edges of the leaf blades.
  4. After completing the first layer with toilet paper, add two more layers using new paper shreds.
  5. Put aside to dry for a day.


At this stage also think how you want to shape the leaf. Leaf will dry out into the form the way you will keep it. You can place the leaf upside down on the top empty bottle to shape curve.


Prepare Air-Dry clay base while the leaf is getting dry.

  1. Take some clay depending on the size of your leaf and how big or small you want to design a clay base to hold it.
  2. Sculpt the clay around the shape of the leaf to make a grip, which can nicely hold the leaf and extend the grip with a thick base.
  3. Now to add some scales or texture use toothpick and make the pattern on the clay base.
  4. Now let it dry for a day or two.


Color back of the leaf with dark brown acrylic color. Paint clay base with texture or wood color as per your choice once they get dry.

To add a beautiful sheen to the dry leaf, you can paint leaf edges with copper color.


Inspire children to explore further as follows:

  1. Different shapes & sizes?
  2. Mix & Match the color & shades of the leaf?
  3. Touch, smell and feel the vines, surface of the leaf.
  4. How color of the leaf change from green to brown in the process of getting dry?


Please Help us fill out the family nature club svuery.

We appreciate your time to fill out the survey which will take 5 min. of your time. The focus of the study is to gain an understanding of what factors parents consider for the outdoor activities with their children and the importance of Family Nature Play outdoor in childhood.



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