Replace digital nanny with Egg Shell Crafts while making breakfast.

Kids are always fascinated with funny characters, and beautiful egg’s shell oval body can be used to make exciting and entertaining characters.

The attractive shape of the egg and its delicate shell, which can be used to make hundreds of things irrespective of broken pieces or one-piece shell. Even the broken pieces come handy to create colorful mosaics painting

While you are enjoying your breakfast, Let’s take our curious little crafter to an adventure trip of making Tribal lady out of eggshell trash.

Recipe to make tribal Lady Ms. T

We need

  1. Eggshell
  2. Google eyes
  3. Pistachios shell / Cardboard for boots
  4. Dry Leaves
  5. Some feathers
  6. Pencils &Marker pen (Draw)
  7. Color (To Paint)


Let’s get started:

  1. Break an egg by making a small hole on the top and take out the egg yolk and white. You can use back of the spoon or folk. Make sure to hit softly.
  2. Wash the eggshell nicely with soap.
  3. Make a hole at the bottom so that we can make it stand.
  4. Now Let it dry.

Before we start, we will sketch out the tribal lady facials like eye, nose & lips on the eggshell using a pencil.

  1. Later use a black marker to draw facials.
  2. Stick goggly eyes where you have marked with the pencil using white glue.
  3. Use acrylic Red to paint her lips.

At this point, our tribal lady has got a face. Now we will prepare her boots using pistachios shell. You can also use cardboard strips to make her boots.

  1. Pick two similar size pistachios shells and color them as per your choice and stick them at the bottom of the eggshell using white glue.

Sometimes it gets tough to hold shells together. In that case, use two thin cardboard strip and fixed at the lower part of the eggshell & boots to connect them.

Now it is a time to give our lady some beautiful hair; We will use thin long dry leafs and some feathers.

  1. Put the dry leaves inside the top hole and some feathers.

You can create more tribal characters and form a Tribal village.
Using stop motion films, you can also animate and give your tribal people life.


Inspire children to explore further as follows:

  1. Ask your kids to hold the egg, explore the shape
  2. What’s the color outside and inside?
  3. Ask them to peel the skin of boiled egg.
  4. Encourage them to reuse broken eggshells pieces to make mosaic art.

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