Should we analyse kids drawing

Planning to off load stuff & piles of kids’ artwork are on the hit list at your place?Those mini works of art are apparently a window to your child’s soul and can indicate just how your child feels about their place in the world.


Cat’s Puzzle

Kids always amazed me with their imagination.A 8 years old girl SHRUTI GADGIL’s has designed her own puzzle game and she named it A CAT PUZZLE. I am so proud to share her story about the puzzle in her own words.
“Hi, my name is Shruti Gadgil and I am going to tell you how I came up with the idea of drawing the cat picture. My picture is a puzzle. I solve lots of puzzles so that’s how I got the idea and there are a lot of cats under my HDB and they are pretty cute.They come out in the night so that’s how I got the idea of drawing a puzzle of cats in the night.” Share your kid’s drawing and experiences with us. Read more

Unguided art survey

Unguided Workshop Survey
In today’s time child often finds it very tough to come up with a variety of ideas in response to a problem. All their solutions are inspired only though cartoons or TV show. The commercialism is creating a buzz in children’s mind to become more and more vivid shoppers. Children want to have everything around with their favorite character from school bags to their clothing’s. The most worrisome is the effect of commercialism and TV show on our kid’s own innovation and creativity.

Share Your Experience regarding the influence of commercialism on our children’s innovation & creativity. Your opinion will help us design effective Unguided Workshop for Kids We really appreciate your time. Thank You !
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Unguided Workshop

Unguided Workshop is a process brainstorming process to develop out of the box thinking. The goal is to spark creativity to create lots of potential ideas rather than finding the one correct solution. We continue to encourage their creativity, teach them to question, to challenge beyond the influence of their favorite character or media.
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Missing Kids when traveling for Work?

Missing Kids when traveling for Work? How about coloring your kid’s drawing!!!.

An Article published in Business Insider about the father Mr. Fred Giovannitti Who travels for 10 days every month. He has two kids daughter Sofia and son Freddie.Mr. Fred colour his children’s drawing to pass his time in flights he has been taking.
This kind of  teamwork between parents and kids is an excellent way of strong bonding in a relationship even when you are away for a work.
Where it is a pleasurable moment for father to color his kids drawing when he is missing them but also a reason for kids to prepare another set of drawings for him in his absence.

How about making your travel fun as well by colouring your own kid’s drawing.

I am sure you are inspired and thinking of practicing the same with your little creative team. Please share your experiences if you put this into practice or you are already doing something like this to keep your self connected & bonded with your kids.
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What is behind Kids’ Scribbling ?

Swinging, Crawling and Smiling are the only things I do. I am just 2 years old. My mama and papa do everything to make me laugh. My glimpse of it makes them feel on the top of the world and for me their presence is everything. One day I found color. I wondered what I can do and then magic started with my swinging hands. I drew my first drawing. All the walls suddenly became my canvas.I became The Picasso of my own world.

It is a strange thing that we all end up doing different things for our pleasure when we grow up, but we all start with same scribbling and drawings. Why???
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