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Replace digital nanny with Egg Shell Crafts while making breakfast.

Kids are always fascinated with funny characters, and beautiful egg’s shell oval body can be used to make exciting and entertaining characters. The attractive shape of the egg and its delicate shell, which can be used to make hundreds of things irrespective of broken pieces or one-piece shell. Even the broken pieces come handy to […]

Digital Detox for children with Nature sculptor

Nature Art and Sculptor are the best way to motivate children to walk out of the house without a digital nanny (digital devices) to play and collect some leaf, twigs, and sticks. We are blessed to have greenery and national parks around us in Singapore to explore Mother Nature while having a wonderful time with […]

Do you think 25 years later your family will be bonded well together?

Let’s imagine 25 years from now your children will be grown up, married and settled in another city or country. Do you imagine they would share everything with you or would call you when they are about to make some important decisions in their life? If your answer is yes, then you are on the […]