Our Philosophy is
Nothing can beat the pleasure of having real conversations with eye contacts.

Where we are going…

The problem in today’s world that families have never been more disconnected with each other, children have never had more stimulus around them which stops them from being naturally creative, focus and connected. It trains their brain to have very short attention frame, to absorb content but not create their own visualization and imaginations. This means that children will grow up with very low social & creativity skills.

 Technology is there for People not otherwise…

The Technology world has unleashed a brand new drug in a society called digital media that helps our mind to shut down after exhausted and stressful day but in reality, we are living way more stressful lives than ever before. In the morning before we open our eyes, our arm stretch to grab a smartphone. The temptation to just check emails or social media account in every 5-minute has made all of us addicted to digital screens.

Our heads are always down and eyes glued to screen that we even don’t realize when our children’s childhood has passed away. Every day we loose thousands of smiles, hundred’s of eye contacts and millions of heart full conversations.

Unplug to reconnect

 We believe in nature’s law of creation helps us connect seamlessly and we celebrate our entire life. We have developed 5 Step process called DETOX based on create, connect and celebrate principle, which will bring the happy family time for deeper relationships with conversations, better mental & physical health with new perspectives of resilience.

About the founder

Nano’s Arte was conceptualized and founded in 2014 by Vinnie Mehta, who has an impressive body of work and an illustrative career spanning 20 years in the field of graphics and digital media. As a digital artist, she was a nominee for Canada’s Gemini Award and she has worked on several North American shows and Hollywood movies as a digital compositor.

Her own experience of working with digital media showed her how kids and families are easy targets to the influence of screens and technology and she made a mental note of working with kids in a way that negates this influence and helps them tap on their own latent creativities. Thus, was born Nano’s Arte, translated literally from Spanish, it means Art by Children.