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Imagine if you picked up your daily coffee mug and it made you smile each time. Imagine the joy on your child’s face when he sees his drawing or painting printed on an item you use or wear often.

We created Nanos Arte to bring families together. Make and preserve precious memories from your kids’ childhood through our merchandise personalised with their own artwork, or bond over creative activities when you attend our family time programmes.

Nanos Arte, which means “Art by Children” in Spanish, was founded by Vinnie Mehta, an accomplished digital artist with an illustrious 20-year career working on Hollywood films and TV shows. Immersed in the world of digital media, she has personally witnessed how movie studios deploy marketing and other tactics to entice kids and fuel their obsession for games, movie merchandise and other paraphernalia for the sake of generating huge revenue. This phenomenon troubled her so greatly that she decided to quit the business and create her own platform to empower kids with creative thinking abilities instead.

Unplug to Reconnect

Family time Through our personalized merchandise and other activities, parents and loved ones get to bond with their children over creative pursuits while spending real quality time together. Our programmes and workshops foster deeper relationships and family bonding, as families create art together in an unstructured manner that encourages creativity to flourish, and for lots of laughter, fun and conversations to flow – without any digital distractions.

birthday themeAt themed birthday parties, for instance, we encourage children to draw their own versions of the movie or cartoon character using their own creativity and imagination – while keeping to the spirit of the theme. This way, our children become content creators instead of mindless consumers of media. They are empowered with leadership and creative skills and become more balanced and resilient beings.

At Nanos Arte, we want our young generation to become masters of digital content and not slaves to it. We desire a society where families are happier and more connected. A society that truly celebrates your kids’ precious childhood. Come create and celebrate this with us.