Love Dog Outline

I Love Dog


Direction to Use:

1. Put news paper or cardboard underneath the drawing on t-shirt then tape it to keep it in place so that it is tight and smooth.
2. Use the Fabric Markers to color inside printed drawing on T-shirt.
3. Once done colouring let it dry and turn on your iron.
4. Keep the Iron on the cotton setting.
5. Flip the T-shirt inside out with the reverse side of the design facing up.
6. Cover the designed area with white paper inside the T-shirt. The paper will help soak up any extra color.
7. Apply hot Iron for four minutes using a back and forth motion over the T-shirt.
8. The heat will keep the image from fading with each wash.
9. To prevent bleeding of fabric marker colors, wash items separately, in cold water, for the first three times. Machine dry.