What is behind Kids’ Scribbling ?

Swinging, Crawling and Smiling are the only things I do. I am just 2 years old. My mama and papa do everything to make me laugh. My glimpse of it makes them feel on the top of the world and for me their presence is everything. One day I found color. I wondered what I can do and then magic started with my swinging hands. I drew my first drawing. All the walls suddenly became my canvas.I became The Picasso of my own world.

It is a strange thing that we all end up doing different things for our pleasure when we grow up, but we all start with same scribbling and drawings. Why???

All babies are different since their birth, but their growth patterns are same. We all learn to crawl before walking and babbling before talking. Similarly scribbling is a very important stage of future writing. Scribbling helps develop our Motor skills and Brain functions. When kids start swinging their arms while scribbling, they experience and strengthen their motor senses.

It doesn’t make sense to them, what they are doing, nor do they look at what they are drawing but the pleasure of arm motion gives them endless happiness. It is the beginning of their expressions and writing through swinging arms with pencil which slowly lets them move from motion to imaginative thinking as they start to control their swings.

First 6 Month

ScribblingWild jungle of direction less Lines are called Uncontrolled strokes. Wild jungle of direction less Lines are called Uncontrolled strokes. First 6 months of scribbling helps toddlers to develop motor senses but without any understanding of color, shape and emotions. A toddler doesn’t even look at his scribble. Even the sense of color and contrast is unknown to them yet. Still this is the most enjoyable and fun activity for them.

After Six months till 4 years : Skillful, repetitive

doodlingAfter 6 month of scribbling they get more control and start to develop visual relationships with what they are doing. At this stage they enjoy kinesthetic movement a lot and also start to recognize repeated patterns. With the sense of repetition, they start experimenting with their scribbling skills by using more complex shapes like a circular scribble.

They get into the next stage as they start naming shapes. This is the most important stage in their development. As they start visualizing stories out of their scribble, they develop the ability to build connection between kinetic motions, visualization and imagination.

We encourage our toddler to crawl, babble walk and talk, but often our ignorance discourages their scribbling, which could actually help them develop writing and expression skills.