Shipping Speed


3-5 Business days via USPS

3-5 Business days FedEx SmartPost

1-3 Business days via FedEx 
2EuropeEurope 5-10 Business days days without tracking1-5 Business days via FedEx
3AsiaEurope5-10 Business days days without tracking1-5 Business days viaFedEx
4International USA5-10 Business days days without tracking1-3 Business days via FedEx 


Shipping product / qty

T-shirts / Tote & bag / leggings / Dresses / Skirts 
 USAEurope Asia International
First T-product$7.00$5.00$10.00$10.00
Each additional product+$0.75+$1.00+$1.00+$0.75

For example, you can order a t-shirt with a flat rate shipping price of $5.00. Each additional t-shirt adds $0.75 for shipping. If you add a tote to the order, then it will also cost simply an additional $0.75. However, if you choose another product, like a mug (that requires different packaging), then you’ll have to add the full shipping price. In this case, it would be an additional $6.95.

 USAEurope Asia International
First Mug $7.00$5.00$10.00$10.00
Each additional Mug+5.00+$5.00+$2.95+$5.00


Pillows / Pillowcase
 USAEurope Asia International
First Pillow $10.00$6.00$10.00$10.00
Each additional Pillow+5.00+$3.25+$3.25+$5.00
First Pillowcase $6.00$6.00$6.00$6.00
Each additional Pillowcase+3.00+$0.75+$0.75+$4.00