Missing Kids when traveling for Work?

Missing Kids when traveling for Work? How about coloring your kid’s drawing!!!.

An Article published in Business Insider about the father Mr. Fred Giovannitti Who travels for 10 days every month. He has two kids daughter Sofia and son Freddie.Mr. Fred colour his children’s drawing to pass his time in flights he has been taking.
This kind of  teamwork between parents and kids is an excellent way of strong bonding in a relationship even when you are away for a work.
Where it is a pleasurable moment for father to color his kids drawing when he is missing them but also a reason for kids to prepare another set of drawings for him in his absence.

How about making your travel fun as well by colouring your own kid’s drawing.

I am sure you are inspired and thinking of practicing the same with your little creative team. Please share your experiences if you put this into practice or you are already doing something like this to keep your self connected & bonded with your kids.

Father Color's Kids drawing

giovannitti-also-colored-this-holiday-elf-this-week-based-on-a-drawing-by-his-son-freddie copy

this-was-one-of-the-first-things-giovannittis-son-freddie-drew-for-him-to-color copy

sofia-told-giovannitti-she-dreamed-about-this-elephant copy

the-first-time-giovannitti-experimented-with-coloring-on-his-ipad-it-was-because-he-forgot-to-bring-his-colored-pencils-on-his-flight copy

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