Unguided Workshop

Unguided Workshop is a process brainstorming process to develop out of the box thinking. The goal is to spark creativity to create lots of potential ideas rather than finding the one correct solution. We continue to encourage their creativity, teach them to question, to challenge beyond the influence of their favorite character or media.

Four Stage Process of Unguided Workshop teaches child to think in terms of end less options and take them to no limits circle of thinking.

▪ First Stage, Encouraging to participate: We start with already known objects and shapes to encourage them to get involve.

▪ Second stage, Expanding their thoughts and knowledge by showing unfamiliar examples drew with familiar objects and shapes discussed in the first stage.

▪ Third stage, Brainstorming where they are thrown in a group with their own creative ideas using basic object & shapes which are already known to them.

Fourth & Last stage is implementation stage where kids learn to put their creative ideas and thoughts on paper through drawing or story writing using various other methods.

Finally to encourage them to practice these skills we create t-shirts or tote bags out of their creation.






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